And the winner is….

A couple weeks ago I submitted a cover design to CrowdSpring for Guy Kawasaki‘s new book.

I was hopeful there early on (even got a positive comment from Guy himself!), but alas the $1,000 prize was not to be mine. Bummer.   Even so, it was still a valuable experience for me in a couple of ways.  I got the opportunity to make the digital acquaintance of a couple of people, including Ross Kimbarovsky (one of the founders of CrowdSpring) and a buyer on another project who happened by and really liked my work. I also got a chance to chit-chat with a couple of other designers on the project whose work I really liked.  I always enjoy an excuse to meet new people.

As an in-house designer, quite often the only creative solution I see on a project is my own. It was really interesting to watch so many solid ideas develop in so many different directions, when all of us were given the same basic project specs. I spent a good amount of time deconstructing some of the others’ designs, figuring out their thought process and why they made some of the design choices they did, or figuring out what I would have done differently. Excellent opportunity to stretch the creative brain.

If you haven’t stopped by yet, go take a peek at some of the great work there.  If you’re a designer, CrowdSpring can be a quick dose of “real world” inspiration so go check out what directions your fellow creatives are heading in these days.  If you are in the market for a designer for an upcoming project, it might also be a good way to do some window shopping.

All in all,  a very good experience. The thousand bucks certainly would have been nice, but you can’t win them all.  I’ll get ’em next time. 😉

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