Dancing With an Armful of Daisies…

Back when I started writing Picking Daisies in Purgatory my life actually felt like purgatory — it seemed like everything in my life had stagnated, and I was just waiting around in some kind of holding pattern for something to happen.  So I figured while I was waiting I might as well entertain myself (and hopefully you as well) by writing about events and ideas that mattered to me.  I was trying to pick whatever daisies I could find.

I guess over the last couple of years I must have finally burned off the last of whatever bad karma I had hanging over me. Suddenly everything started to change. My stagnant little life started moving again.  Things started going right.  I got a fantastic promotion complete with an amazing boss who happily let me off the leash. The negative people that plagued various parts of my existence suddenly picked up and moved on. I met the love of my life and have experienced more personal happiness than I actually thought was possible. And after two years of searching I finally found the perfect house to call home.

This past year I haven’t been picking daisies – they’ve practically been thrown at me. And I am grateful for every last one of them. I’m not giving up the blog just yet, but it may still be a while before you see me around here again regularly. Now that I have all these beautiful flowers, this happy girl is going to sit back and enjoy them for just a bit longer. Can you blame me?

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