Is It Too Late to Purchase the Extended Plan?

It happened…  My warranty expired.

No, not the one on my TV or my car — the one on me.  My chiropractor warned me shortly after my 40th birthday (I had thrown my back out by standing up and sneezing at the same time — go figure), but I didn’t believe him. His theory is that once you hit the age of 40, your it’s all downhill from there.  Just like cars and major appliances, the day after the warranty runs out is when things start to squeak and rattle and break.  At the time I thought he was crazy.

Crap.  I think he was right.

Since he opened his big mouth, it’s been an annoying downhill amble.  Nothing major, just some extra cracks and pops and aches that I never noticed before.  Back pain, stiff neck, a swollen knuckle that looks suspiciously like the beginnings of arthritis.

Oh, and I can’t see for squat.  I used to have eyes like a hawk, and now I need to have my kid stand on the other side of the room with things just so I can read them.  This getting old stuff is for the birds.

Is it too late to purchase the extended warranty?

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